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Tinto River Tour

100 km full of one-off landscapes, impossible colours and unique scenes.



Plaza Ernest Lluch s/n
21660 Minas de Ríotinto ( Spain )

Municipality: Minas de Ríotinto
County: Mining County of Huelva
Province: Huelva
Region: Andalusia

Basic Features

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Detailed Description

From the mining region up tu the rives mouth in estuary, 100 km full of one-off landscapes, impossible colours and unique scenes. Tinto river generates enclaves that seem to belong to another planet, with endemic species and unusual conditions. This river has been visited by the United States' space agency N.A.S.A. and many researchers attracted by the belief that the river conditions are similar to Mars'. Tinto river's reddish waters have lived together with many civilizations which have left remains in form of machinery and infrastructures, mainly railway stuff. You will walk through an unforgettable and peerless scenery that will astonish you.

We will go to Minas de Riotinto, where we will visit the Mining Musem, built by the Riotinto Limited Company to provide medical care to the employees. we will start our journey following Tinto river. Firstly we will step on a Mining Railway to go over a stretch of the railway built in the late 19th century in order to take the minerals from Riotinto to Huelva's pier. From there we will move to Nerva, where we will visit Peña de Hierro, an open-pit mine that dates from Roman timer frequently visited by the N.A.S.A.

Then, we will go back to Minas de Riotinto to visit Bella Vista quarter, place where the British staff settled and where we will be able to enjoy lunch at a very unique environment. We will visit House 21, built in 1895 and where we will do a flash-back journey along its area, spanning more than 500 m2. During that journey we will also realise how important Riotinto was regarding Spanish sports, as long as several,football for example, were practised here for the first time.

We will enjoy a landscape that will delight you: Corta Atalaya. The open-pit that was at one time the largest in the world will take your breath and help you appreciate the sheer magnitude of Riotinto's mining symbol.

Dates and Timetables

Everyday. 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.



Group Minimum and Maximum

Min.: 2 pax. Max.: 59 pax.

Included in the Price

- Transport.

- Tourist guide.

- Accident and liability insurance.

- Ticket for Riotinto Mining Park.

- Midday snack.

Not Included in the Price

- Lunch.

Location Map

Latitude: 37.693327 - Longitude: -6.596133
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